Tuesday, August 6, 2013


下一期的《名人風水》冬季刊會分別介紹我國華人五大籍貫 – 廣東、福建、客家、潮州及海南的年菜及其特色。


New Year is approaching; winter issue of magazine will be introducing Malaysia’s Chinese five main dialects cuisines which are Guang Dong, Hokkien, Hakka, Teo Chew and Hai Nan respectively.

Appreciate if you guys could provide information of any restaurant in Klang Valley that features such cuisine according to each dialect. Thanks!

Friday, June 28, 2013


我们的杂志终于出版了,但是有一些失落,因为是第一期也没有经验,所以做得并不够完美,我只给自己打60分。但是从下一期开始,我将用自己的团队,不再“外包”,务必要做到90分以上! 创刊号若是做得不够好,大家多多包涵,欢迎大家提供我们意见,让我们的杂志做的更好!

Our new publication, "Feng Shui Gateway" magazine is now released on market! However I'm not quite satisfy as I would only give 60 marks on the publication as the magazine could have been better due to lack of experiences in this field and its our first time doing this. Next issue I will use the full force of my magazine team instead of "outsourcing" the production work to other company, hoping to achieve 90 scores and above. Please bear with us if the first issue is really not up to your expectation, we welcome any feedback and we will strive to do better on the next issue!

Friday, May 24, 2013

空亡?龍穴? Pt. 2

之前所提的巨额“找龙穴”的“风水大师”个案发生在JB & KL! 该风水師好像说自己是替云顶看“风水的大师”!

该“大师”会以廉价风水服务作为诱饵,到顾客家就把罗盘放在铁门前的地上说顾客家是空亡向,要找出龙穴来化解,要不然就家无宁日,横祸连连! 所以要另外收费四万八千元马币,找龙穴化解。


破绽1 : 罗盘放在铁门与大门下量方向,肯定受到铁的干扰,罗盘磁针肯定量不准!这一点大家都知道,但该“大师”连如此基本的理论都不会,肯定是神棍!

破绽2: “龙穴”一般上是用来形容下葬的宝地,其条件必须要有层层山脉环抱,万马奔腾之走势,河流之交界,阴阳交媾。。。等等等。。。。如此条件,这如何在家中找出? 难道要在家里面挖地葬人?一听就是一派胡言!

这么多年以来,我听见自称替“云顶”看风水的“风水大师”不少过50人!大多数还是凄惨的过着平庸的日子! 所以是真是假,大家心知肚明! 唉。。风水界就是有那么多的混混。所以大家一定要用智慧去判断,风水师傅不一定是大富大贵的亿万富翁,但真正懂得风水的师傅,自己一定要先自救,过得不错才是。


Regarding the previous post on so-called “Feng Shui Master” who claimed to find “Dragon Meridian Spot” in the house, these kind of cases happen in JB & KL often and he also claimed that he is the Feng Shui Master for Genting Highland.

Those Feng Shui Master will offer cheap Feng Shui consultation price as a bait to con the customers and then telling them that their house is aligned at “Death and Emptiness Line” which bring great catastrophe. Therefore they need to pay huge amount of money to solve the problem through finding “Dragon Meridian Spot”.

I knew it is another scam case when customers told me about it.

Flaw 1: Almost everyone who commented on previous post knows that placing compass beneath the steel door would affect its accuracy, while this particular “Feng Shui Master” did it in a wrong way, we might as well just refer him as “impostor”.

Flaw 2: “Dragon Meridian Spot” referred to those auspicious places that are good for entombment. It’s a part of Yin Feng Shui. How can we apply this into Residential Feng Shui? Obviously this is nonsense by claiming to do so inside the house.

There are too many who claimed themselves as the one who did the Feng Shui for Genting Highlands, in which I know is no lesser than 50 people. We know the trustworthiness in this as most of those self-claimed "Feng Shui Master" are still living a mediocre life. They are the one who ruined the credibility and reputation in the field of Feng Shui. We must know that Feng Shui Masters may not be necessary a billionaire but at least they will know how to apply the correct mechanism and philosophies of Feng Shui to enrich their own life for better life enhancement and comfortableness before helping others.

Feng Shui Master should make it clear that the charges for consultation without any hidden or extra surcharges, and frightening the customers to obtain huge amount of fee are the most despicable way to do so.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

空亡?龍穴? Pt. 1

听说最近有位"风水大师" 喜欢把罗盘放在顾客铁门地上测量,之后就告诉顾客: 你家乃空亡大凶!大祸临头!若要化凶为吉的话,需要在房子内找出"龙穴"但是收费是马币四万八千元。大家觉得这"大师"有几个破绽?可信?

Recently there’s a so called Feng Shui Master who likes to place Chinese compass (Luo Pan) beneath customers’ house door and told them that their house is aligned at “Death and Emptiness Line” which will bring great disaster and catastrophe. To overcome such fatal crisis, the Feng Shui Master claimed that they have to find the “meridian dragon spot” in the house but such special technique cost RM48, 000! Is there any flaw or loophole in this case? Do you guys think that such Feng Shui Master is trustworthy and reliable?

Friday, March 29, 2013


相信大家都想知道自己的名字好不好? 我们网上批算名字的系统好了咯! 大家可以看看自己的名字得几分?大家可以做个参考~ 

Our online Chinese name analysis system is now fully function-able! Simply key in your Chinese name to find out more!


Friday, March 22, 2013

为可愛的寶寶命名 Lovely Babies




能夠為每個寶寶取個好的名字,也是我們對寶寶最好的祝福。對我而言,最大的滿足感就是孩子長大之後,他們知道名字是Uncle 羅師傅替他們取的,意義之重大,讓我感到無限的光榮與快樂。。

These are a few photo that I have taken with the mother, family and lovely baby that I have given them Chinese name. These are few photos that I have taken with the parents and babies, It was really so warm and happy 

Name of a person = symbol for a person in life time, therefore I think it is extremely important, normally parents will have their own opinions when it comes to baby naming, they hope that their precious child will be able to get the name with their preferred words. Certainly I will try my best to meet parent’s requirements on naming, provided that the name must be corresponding with the BaZi of the baby and bring good luck, because it will be lifetime influence through a good or bad name.

There are roughly 300 cases of “Baby Naming” for year Dragon 2012. Frankly, “Baby Naming” is a relatively non-beneficial service compared to other existed services as it is more time-consuming and the fee charged is not high as well. But having said so, I insist to continue this service as I earnestly understand that influences of good/bad name toward someone life could be crucial and decisive.

Being able to name beloved baby for every parent represents love from the parents and my greatest wishes for their future. Some of the parents told me that they would tell their children that their names are given by Uncle Loh, it is important to remember the source of their names. Truthfully, I feel proud and touched by such acknowledgements from parents!





Wednesday, March 20, 2013



Here are the TV program we recorded during Chinese New Year. This video consist analysis of zodiac and face reading.

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